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    Airport Names(0)
    Agglomeration Names(1)
    Railways and Roads(2)
    Countries Border White(5)
    Within Agglomerations(6)
          Above 55dB(9)
            No data classes(10)
            Total number of people exposed(11)
            Percentage (12)
          Above 65dB(13)
            No data classes(14)
            Total number of people exposed(15)
          Above 75dB(17)
            No data classes(18)
            Total number of people exposed(19)
          Above 50dB(22)
            No data classes(23)
            Total number of people exposed(24)
            Percentage (25)
          Above 60dB(26)
            No data classes(27)
            Total number of people exposed(28)
          Above 70dB(30)
            No data classes(31)
            Total number of people exposed(32)
          Above 55dB(36)
            No data classes(37)
            Total number of people exposed(38)
          Above 65dB(40)
            No data classes(41)
            Total number of people exposed(42)
          Above 75dB(44)
            No data classes(45)
            Total number of people exposed(46)
            Percentage (47)
          Above 50dB(49)
            No data classes(50)
            Total number of people exposed(51)
            Percentage (52)
          Above 60dB(53)
            No data classes(54)
            Total number of people exposed(55)
            Percentage (56)
          Above 70dB(57)
            No data classes(58)
            Total number of people exposed(59)
            Percentage (60)
          Above 55dB(63)
            No data classes(64)
            Total number of people exposed(65)
          Above 65dB(67)
            No data classes(68)
            Total number of people exposed(69)
            Percentage (70)
          Above 75dB(71)
            No data classes(72)
            Total number of people exposed(73)
          Above 50dB(76)
            No data classes(77)
            Total number of people exposed(78)
          Above 60dB(80)
            No data classes(81)
            Total number of people exposed(82)
            Percentage (83)
          Above 70dB(84)
            No data classes(85)
            Total number of people exposed(86)
          Above 55dB(90)
            No data classes(91)
            Total number of people exposed(92)
          Above 65dB(94)
            No data classes(95)
            Total number of people exposed(96)
            Percentage (97)
          Above 75dB(98)
            No data classes(99)
            Total number of people exposed(100)
          Above 50dB(103)
            No data classes(104)
            Total number of people exposed(105)
            Percentage (106)
          Above 60dB(107)
            No data classes(108)
            Total number of people exposed(109)
            Percentage (110)
          Above 70dB(111)
            No data classes(112)
            Total number of people exposed(113)
            Percentage (114)
      No Agglomerations greater than 250000 inhabitants(115)
    Major Airports(116)
        Above 55dB(118)
          No Data Classes(119)
          Total number of people exposed(120)
            Less than 5900 people exposed(121)
            5900 - 18400 people exposed(122)
            18500 - 51100 people exposed(123)
            51200 - 107000 people exposed(124)
            More than 107000 people exposed(125)
        Above 65dB(126)
          No Data Classes(127)
          Total number of people exposed(128)
            Less than 400 people exposed(129)
            400 - 1100 people exposed(130)
            1200 - 2500 people exposed(131)
            2600 - 5100 people exposed(132)
            More than 5100 people exposed(133)
        Above 75dB(134)
          No Data Classes(135)
          Total number of people exposed(136)
            Less than 200 people exposed(137)
            More than or equal to 200 people exposed(138)
        Above 50dB(140)
          No Data Classes(141)
          Total number of people exposed(142)
            Less than 1100 people exposed(143)
            1100 - 4100 people exposed(144)
            4200 - 10500 people exposed(145)
            10600 - 24700 people exposed(146)
            More than 24700 people exposed(147)
        Above 60dB(148)
          No Data Classes(149)
          Total number of people exposed(150)
            Less than 100 people exposed(151)
            100 - 400 people exposed(152)
            500 - 700 people exposed(153)
            800 - 1200 people exposed(154)
            More than 1200 people exposed(155)
        Above 70dB(156)
          No Data Classes(157)
          Total number of people exposed(158)
            Less than 100 people exposed(159)
            More than or equal to 100 people exposed(160)
      No Major Airports with more than 50000 movements per year(161)
    Major Railways(162)
        Above 55dB(164)
          No data classes (165)
          Total number of people exposed(166)
          Relative value of people per km(167)
        Above 65dB(168)
          No data classes(169)
          Total number of people exposed(170)
          Relative value of people per km(171)
        Above 75dB(172)
          No data classes(173)
          Total number of people exposed(174)
          Relative value of people per km(175)
        Above 50dB(177)
          No data classes(178)
          Total number of people exposed(179)
          Relative value of people per km(180)
        Above 60dB(181)
          No data classes (182)
          Total number of people exposed(183)
          Relative value of people per km(184)
        Above 70dB(185)
          No data classes(186)
          Total number of people exposed(187)
          Relative value of people per km(188)
    Major Roads(189)
        Above 55dB(191)
          No data classes(192)
          Total number of people exposed(193)
          Relative value of people per km(194)
        Above 65dB(195)
          No data classes(196)
          Total number of people exposed(197)
          Relative value of people per km(198)
        Above 75dB(199)
          No data classes (200)
          Total number of people exposed(201)
          Relative value of people per km(202)
        Above 50dB(204)
          No data classes (205)
          Total number of people exposed(206)
          Relative value of people per km(207)
        Above 60dB(208)
          No data classes(209)
          Total number of people exposed(210)
          Relative value of people per km(211)
        Above 70dB(212)
          No data classes (213)
          Total number of people exposed(214)
          Relative value of people per km(215)
    Contour Maps(216)
        Viena Major Airport noise contour Lden(218)
        Viena Major Airport noise contour Lnight(219)
        Major Railways noise contour Lden Austria(220)
        Major Railways noise contour Lnight Austria(221)
        Major Roads noise contour Lden Austria(222)
        Major Roads noise contour Lnight Austria(223)
        Viena industry noise contour Lden(224)
        Viena industry noise contour Lnight(225)
        Major Roads noise contour Lden Swiss Confederation(227)
        Major Roads noise contour Lnight Swiss Confederation(228)
        Major Rails noise contour Lden Swiss Confederation(229)
        Major Rails noise contour Lnight Swiss Confederation(230)
        Major Airports noise contour Lden Swiss Confederation(231)
        Major Airports noise contour Lnight Swiss Confederation(232)
        Prague Ruzyne Major Airport noise contour Lden(234)
        Prague Ruzyne Major Airport noise contour Lnight(235)
        Major Railways noise contour Lden Czech Republic(236)
        Major Railways noise contour Lnight Czech Republic(237)
        Major Roads noise contour Lden Czech Republic(238)
        Major Roads noise contour Lnight Czech Republic(239)
        Brno air noise contour Lden(240)
        Brno air noise contour Lnight(241)
        Prague air noise contour Lden(242)
        Prague air noise contour Lnight(243)
        Brno industry noise contour Lden(244)
        Brno industry noise contour Lnight(245)
        Ostrava industry noise contour Lden(246)
        Ostrava industry noise contour Lnight(247)
        Prague industry noise contour Lden(248)
        Prague industry noise contour Lnight(249)
        Brno rail noise contour Lden(250)
        Brno rail noise contour Lnight(251)
        Ostrava rail noise contour Lden(252)
        Ostrava rail noise contour Lnight(253)
        Prague rail noise contour Lden(254)
        Prague rail noise contour Lnight(255)
        Brno road noise contour Lden(256)
        Brno road noise contour Lnight(257)
        Ostrava road noise contour Lden(258)
        Ostrava road noise contour Lnight(259)
        Prague road noise contour Lden(260)
        Prague road noise contour Lnight(261)
        Hannover road noise contour Lden Germany(263)
        Hannover road noise contour Lnight Germany(264)
        Hannover rail noise contour Lden Germany(265)
        Hannover rail noise contour Lnight Germany(266)
        Hannover industry noise contour Lden Germany(267)
        Hannover industry noise contour Lnight Germany(268)
        Major Roads noise contour Lden Germany(269)
        Major Roads noise contour Lnight Germany(270)
        Major Rails noise contour Lden Germany(271)
        Major Rails noise contour Lnight Germany(272)
        Major Airports noise contour Lden Germany(273)
        Major Airports noise contour Lnight Germany(274)
        Aachen industry noise contour Lden Germany(275)
        Aachen industry noise contour Lnight Germany(276)
        Aachen rail noise contour Lden Germany(277)
        Aachen rail noise contour Lnight Germany(278)
        Aachen road noise contour Lden Germany(279)
        Aachen road noise contour Lnight Germany(280)
        Augsburg rail noise contour Lden Germany(281)
        Augsburg rail noise contour Lnight Germany(282)
        Berlin rail noise contour Lden Germany(283)
        Berlin rail noise contour Lnight Germany(284)
        Bielefeld rail noise contour Lden Germany(285)
        Bielefeld rail noise contour Lnight Germany(286)
        Bochum industry noise contour Lden Germany(287)
        Bochum industry noise contour Lnight Germany(288)
        Bochum rail noise contour Lden Germany(289)
        Bochum rail noise contour Lnight Germany(290)
        Bochum road noise contour Lden Germany(291)
        Bochum road noise contour Lnight Germany(292)
        Bonn industry noise contour Lden Germany(293)
        Bonn industry noise contour Lnight Germany(294)
        Bonn rail noise contour Lden Germany(295)
        Bonn rail noise contour Lnight Germany(296)
        Bonn road noise contour Lden Germany(297)
        Bonn road noise contour Lnight Germany(298)
        Bremen air noise contour Lden Germany(299)
        Bremen air noise contour Lnight Germany(300)
        Bremen industry noise contour Lden Germany(301)
        Bremen industry noise contour Lnight Germany(302)
        Bremen rail noise contour Lden Germany(303)
        Bremen rail noise contour Lnight Germany(304)
        Bremen road noise contour Lden Germany(305)
        Bremen road noise contour Lnight Germany(306)
        Bremerhaven road noise contour Lden Germany(307)
        Bremerhaven road noise contour Lnight Germany(308)
        Cologne air noise contour Lden Germany(309)
        Cologne air noise contour Lnight Germany(310)
        Cologne industry noise contour Lden Germany(311)
        Cologne industry noise contour Lnight Germany(312)
        Cologne rail noise contour Lden Germany(313)
        Cologne rail noise contour Lnight Germany(314)
        Cologne road noise contour Lden Germany(315)
        Cologne road noise contour Lnight Germany(316)
        Dortmund air noise contour Lden Germany(317)
        Dortmund air noise contour Lnight Germany(318)
        Dortmund industry noise contour Lden Germany(319)
        Dortmund industry noise contour Lnight Germany(320)
        Dortmund rail noise contour Lden Germany(321)
        Dortmund rail noise contour Lnight Germany(322)
        Dortmund road noise contour Lden Germany(323)
        Dortmund road noise contour Lnight Germany(324)
        Dresden industry noise contour Lden Germany(325)
        Dresden rail noise contour Lden Germany(326)
        Dresden rail noise contour Lnight Germany(327)
        Dresden road noise contour Lden Germany(328)
        Dresden road noise contour Lnight Germany(329)
        Duisburg industry noise contour Lden Germany(330)
        Duisburg industry noise contour Lnight Germany(331)
        Duisburg rail noise contour Lden Germany(332)
        Duisburg rail noise contour Lnight Germany(333)
        Duisburg road noise contour Lden Germany(334)
        Duisburg road noise contour Lnight Germany(335)
        Dusseldorf air noise contour Lden Germany(336)
        Dusseldorf air noise contour Lnight Germany(337)
        Dusseldorf industry noise contour Lden Germany(338)
        Dusseldorf industry noise contour Lnight Germany(339)
        Dusseldorf rail noise contour Lden Germany(340)
        Dusseldorf rail noise contour Lnight Germany(341)
        Dusseldorf road noise contour Lden Germany(342)
        Dusseldorf road noise contour Lnight Germany(343)
        Essen air noise contour Lden Germany(344)
        Essen industry noise contour Lden Germany(345)
        Essen industry noise contour Lnight Germany(346)
        Essen rail noise contour Lden Germany(347)
        Essen rail noise contour Lnight Germany(348)
        Essen road noise contour Lden Germany(349)
        Essen road noise contour Lnight Germany(350)
        Frankfurt rail noise contour Lden Germany(351)
        Frankfurt rail noise contour Lnight Germany(352)
        Gelsenkirchen industry noise contour Lden Germany(353)
        Gelsenkirchen industry noise contour Lnight Germany(354)
        Gelsenkirchen rail noise contour Lden Germany(355)
        Gelsenkirchen rail noise contour Lnight Germany(356)
        Gelsenkirchen road noise contour Lden Germany(357)
        Gelsenkirchen road noise contour Lnight Germany(358)
        Hamburg air noise contour Lden Germany(359)
        Hamburg air noise contour Lnight Germany(360)
        Hamburg industry noise contour Lden Germany(361)
        Hamburg industry noise contour Lnight Germany(362)
        Hamburg rail noise contour Lden Germany(363)
        Hamburg rail noise contour Lnight Germany(364)
        Hamburg road noise contour Lden Germany(365)
        Hamburg road noise contour Lnight Germany(366)
        Hannover rail noise contour Lden Germany(367)
        Hannover rail noise contour Lnight Germany(368)
        Karlsruhe rail noise contour Lden Germany(369)
        Karlsruhe rail noise contour Lnight Germany(370)
        Kiel rail noise contour Lden Germany(371)
        Kiel rail noise contour Lnight Germany(372)
        Leipzig industry noise contour Lden Germany(373)
        Leipzig industry noise contour Lnight Germany(374)
        Leipzig rail noise contour Lden Germany(375)
        Leipzig rail noise contour Lnight Germany(376)
        Leipzig road noise contour Lden Germany(377)
        Leipzig road noise contour Lnight Germany(378)
        Mannheim rail noise contour Lden Germany(379)
        Mannheim rail noise contour Lnight Germany(380)
        Monchengladbach air noise contour Lden Germany(381)
        Monchengladbach industry noise contour Lden Germany(382)
        Monchengladbach industry noise contour Lnight Germany(383)
        Monchengladbach rail noise contour Lden Germany(384)
        Monchengladbach rail noise contour Lnight Germany(385)
        Monchengladbach road noise contour Lden Germany(386)
        Monchengladbach road noise contour Lnight Germany(387)
        Munich rail noise contour Lden Germany(388)
        Munich rail noise contour Lnight Germany(389)
        Nuremberg rail noise contour Lden Germany(390)
        Nuremberg rail noise contour Lnight Germany(391)
        Stuttgart rail noise contour Lden Germany(392)
        Stuttgart rail noise contour Lnight Germany(393)
        Wiesbaden rail noise contour Lden Germany(394)
        Wiesbaden rail noise contour Lnight Germany(395)
        Wuppertal rail noise contour Lden Germany(396)
        Wuppertal rail noise contour Lnight Germany(397)
        Wuppertal industry noise contour Lden Germany(398)
        Wuppertal industry noise contour Lnight Germany(399)
        Wuppertal road noise contour Lden Germany(400)
        Wuppertal road noise contour Lnight Germany(401)
        Major Airports noise contour Lden Finland(403)
        Major Railways noise contour Lden Finland(404)
        Major Roads noise contour Lden Finland(405)
        Helsinki rail noise contour Lden(406)
        Helsinki rail noise contour Lnight(407)
        Helsinki road noise contour Lden(408)
        Helsinki road noise contour Lnight(409)
        Dublin Major Airport noise contour Lden(411)
        Major Railways noise contour Lden Ireland(412)
        Major Roads noise contour Lden Ireland(413)
        Dublin all sources noise contour Lden(414)
        Major Roads noise contour Lden Lithuania(416)
        Major Roads noise contour Lnight Lithuania(417)
        Vilnius air noise contour Lden(418)
        Vilnius air noise contour Lnight(419)
        Vilnius industry noise contour Lden(420)
        Vilnius industry noise contour Lnight(421)
        Vilnius rail noise contour Lden(422)
        Vilnius rail noise contour Lnight(423)
        Vilnius road noise contour Lden(424)
        Vilnius road noise contour Lnight(425)
        Kaunas road noise contour Lden(426)
        Kaunas road noise contour Lnight(427)
        Kaunas rail noise contour Lden(428)
        Kaunas rail noise contour Lnight(429)
        Kaunas industry noise contour Lden(430)
        Kaunas industry noise contour Lnight(431)
        Major Airports noise contour Lden Luxembourg(433)
        Major Airports noise contour Lnight Luxembourg (434)
        Major Railways noise contour Lden Luxembourg(435)
        Major Railways noise contour Lnight Luxembourg (436)
        Major Roads noise contour Lden Luxembourg(437)
        Major Roads noise contour Lnight Luxembourg(438)
        Flesland Major Airport noise contour Lden(440)
        Flesland Major Airport noise contour Lnight(441)
        Sola Major Airport noise contour Lden(442)
        Varnes Major Airport noise contour Lden(443)
        Oslo industry noise contour Lden(444)
        Oslo industry noise contour Lnight(445)
        Oslo rail noise contour Lden(446)
        Oslo rail noise contour Lnight(447)
        Oslo road noise contour Lden(448)
        Oslo road noise contour Lnight(449)
        Major Airports noise contour Lden Portugal(451)
        Major Airports noise contour Lnight Portugal(452)
        Major Railways noise contour Lden Portugal(453)
        Major Railways noise contour Lnight Portugal(454)
        Major Roads noise contour Lden Portugal(455)
        Major Roads noise contour Lnight Portugal(456)
        Major Roads noise contour Lden Sweden(458)
    Thematic layers(459)
      Airport Anual Traffic(460)
      Agglomerations (461)
      Density of Railways and Roads(462)
      Country Border(464)
      Large Lakes(465)
Layer Options: