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Generate KML (Noise/2007_NOISE_END_LAEA_update2015)

    Airport Names(0)
    Agglomerations Names(1)
    Railways and Roads data(2)
    Roads data(3)
    Railways data(4)
    Countries Border White(5)
    Within Agglomerations(6)
          Above 55dB(9)
            No total data available(10)
            No percentage data available1(11)
            Total number of people exposed(12)
            Percentage (13)
          Above 65dB(14)
            No total data available(15)
            No percentage data available(16)
            Total number of people exposed(17)
          Above 75dB(19)
            No total data available(20)
            No percentage data available(21)
            Total number of people exposed(22)
          Above 50dB(25)
            No total data available(26)
            No percentage data available(27)
            Total number of people exposed(28)
            Percentage (29)
          Above 60dB(30)
            No total data available(31)
            No percentage data available(32)
            Total number of people exposed(33)
          Above 70dB(35)
            No total data available(36)
            No percentage data available(37)
            Total number of people exposed(38)
          Above 55dB(42)
            No total data available(43)
            No percentage data available(44)
            Total number of people exposed(45)
          Above 65dB(47)
            No total data available(48)
            No percentage data available(49)
            Total number of people exposed(50)
          Above 75dB(52)
            No total data available(53)
            No percentage data available(54)
            Total number of people exposed(55)
            Percentage (56)
          Above 50dB(58)
            No total data available(59)
            No percentage data available(60)
            Total number of people exposed(61)
            Percentage (62)
          Above 60dB(63)
            No total data available(64)
            No percentage data available(65)
            Total number of people exposed(66)
            Percentage (67)
          Above 70dB(68)
            No total data available(69)
            No percentage data available(70)
            Total number of people exposed(71)
            Percentage (72)
          Above 55dB(75)
            No total data available(76)
            No percentage data available(77)
            Total number of people exposed(78)
          Above 65dB(80)
            No total data available(81)
            No percentage data available(82)
            Total number of people exposed(83)
            Percentage (84)
          Above 75dB(85)
            No total data available(86)
            No percentage data available(87)
            Total number of people exposed(88)
          Above 50dB(91)
            No total data available(92)
            No percentage data available(93)
            Total number of people exposed(94)
          Above 60dB(96)
            No total data available(97)
            No percentage data available(98)
            Total number of people exposed(99)
            Percentage (100)
          Above 70dB(101)
            No total data available(102)
            No percentage data available(103)
            Total number of people exposed(104)
          Above 55dB(108)
            No total data available(109)
            No percentage data available(110)
            Total number of people exposed(111)
          Above 65dB(113)
            No total data available(114)
            No percentage data available(115)
            Total number of people exposed(116)
            Percentage (117)
          Above 75dB(118)
            No total data available(119)
            No percentage data available(120)
            Total number of people exposed(121)
          Above 50dB(124)
            No total data available(125)
            No percentage data available(126)
            Total number of people exposed(127)
            Percentage (128)
          Above 60dB(129)
            No total data available(130)
            No percentage data available(131)
            Total number of people exposed(132)
            Percentage (133)
          Above 70dB(134)
            No total data available(135)
            No percentage data available(136)
            Total number of people exposed(137)
            Percentage (138)
      No data available(139)
      No Agglomerations greater than 250000 inhabitants(140)
    Major Airports(141)
        Above 55dB(143)
          No Data Classes(144)
          Total number of people exposed(145)
            Less than 5900 people exposed(146)
            5900 - 18300 people exposed(147)
            18400 - 51100 people exposed(148)
            51200 - 126200 people exposed(149)
            More than 126200 people exposed(150)
        Above 65dB(151)
          No Data Classes(152)
          Total number of people exposed(153)
            Less than 400 people exposed(154)
            400 - 1300 people exposed(155)
            1400 - 2700 people exposed(156)
            2800 - 5100 people exposed(157)
            More than 5100 people exposed(158)
        Above 75dB(159)
          No Data Classes(160)
          Total number of people exposed(161)
            Less than 200 people exposed(162)
            More than or equal to 200 people exposed(163)
        Above 50dB(165)
          No Data Classes(166)
          Total number of people exposed(167)
            Less than 1100 people exposed(168)
            1100 - 4100 people exposed(169)
            4200 - 10500 people exposed(170)
            10600 - 26000 people exposed(171)
            More than 26000 people exposed(172)
        Above 60dB(173)
          No Data Classes(174)
          Total number of people exposed(175)
            Less than 100 people exposed(176)
            100 - 300 people exposed(177)
            300 - 800 people exposed(178)
            800 - 1200 people exposed(179)
            More than 1200 people exposed(180)
        Above 70dB(181)
          No Data Classes(182)
          Total number of people exposed(183)
            Less than 100 people exposed(184)
            More than or equal to 100 people exposed(185)
      No data available(186)
      No Major Airports with more than 50000 movements per year(187)
    Major Railways(188)
        Above 55dB(190)
          No total data available (191)
          No relative data available (192)
          Total number of people exposed(193)
          Relative value of people per km(194)
        Above 65dB(195)
          No total data available(196)
          No relative data available (197)
          Total number of people exposed(198)
          Relative value of people per km(199)
        Above 75dB(200)
          No total data available(201)
          No relative data available (202)
          Total number of people exposed(203)
          Relative value of people per km(204)
        Above 50dB(206)
          No total data available(207)
          No relative data available (208)
          Total number of people exposed(209)
          Relative value of people per km(210)
        Above 60dB(211)
          No total data available (212)
          No relative data available (213)
          Total number of people exposed(214)
          Relative value of people per km(215)
        Above 70dB(216)
          No total data available(217)
          No relative data available (218)
          Total number of people exposed(219)
          Relative value of people per km(220)
    Major Roads(221)
        Above 55dB(223)
          No total data available(224)
          No relative data available(225)
          Total number of people exposed(226)
          Relative value of people per km(227)
        Above 65dB(228)
          No total data available(229)
          No relative data available(230)
          Total number of people exposed(231)
          Relative value of people per km(232)
        Above 75dB(233)
          No total data available (234)
          No relative data available(235)
          Total number of people exposed(236)
          Relative value of people per km(237)
        Above 50dB(239)
          No total data available (240)
          No relative data available(241)
          Total number of people exposed(242)
          Relative value of people per km(243)
        Above 60dB(244)
          No total data available(245)
          No relative data available(246)
          Total number of people exposed(247)
          Relative value of people per km(248)
        Above 70dB(249)
          No total data available (250)
          No relative data available(251)
          Total number of people exposed(252)
          Relative value of people per km(253)
    Thematic layers(254)
      Airport Anual Traffic (movements per year)(255)
      Agglomerations (Number of inhabitants)(256)
      Country border gray(257)
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